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June Plums,But its not June!!

Well, This week our team at Chiccharney Farms has started an all out June Plum social media storm ( No pun Intended),Only Three(3) days in, Palettes all over the Bahamas has taken a walk down memory lane and so will you.

June plums seemed to have appeared first in the Bahamas in the mid nineties, Usually found at schools in Nassau where ladies/vendors would frequent to sell lunches around public schools.

Fortunately , we learned about "Neighbour".

"Neighbour was a middle-aged lady , with gray streaked hair."

"Neighbour was famously know for a tam,long sleeved shirts with blue jeans overalls and was said to be very friendly".She was the first to introduce June plums on the campus of CC Sweeting School in 1990's. I myself first tried them in 1997 at S.c. Mcpherson School.

However these amazing fruit did not stick around to long and sames to have appeared and disappeared between two generations, Baby Boomers and Generation X.

June Plums according to are known as The June Plum, Jew Plum, Ambarella, Golden Apple, Hog Plum, or Yellow Egg carries an oval shape, is tangy and can be eaten unripe. The flesh is firm and surrounds a seed that is somewhat spiky. Children love June Plum with a generous helping of salt. In terms of taste, the June Plum is a hodge-podge of sweet/tangy fruits like cherries, mangoes, pineapples and star fruit.

Though found on Nassau Island for a very short time before making its way to Andros , June plums are highly sort after.

Eaten as is or with a touch of Lime, Salt and Hot Pepper Sauce, June plums are rolling of the tongues of Bahamians that had a "taste of heaven", Described by Sasha , who popped into the store today for her fix!

Video shows green and ripe prepared the way "Neighbour" did, with Hot sauce ,limes and salt

Here are the Medicinal Benefits :

June Plums are a great source of Vitamin C and K. Unripe, they carry a good amount of protein. They are helpful for lowering high blood pressure and improving respiratory ailments, thanks to the antibiotic properties they contain. Constipation, diabetes, headaches, heart, and urinary conditions are said to benefit from including June Plum in the daily diet. The bark, leaves, and roots are helpful in treating a variety of ailments, including mouth sores, diarrhea and skin irritations. The leaves (when boiled) also have the reputation of being an effective moisturizer.

Most People eat June Plums straight off the tree. This sweet/tangy wonder of nature makes a refreshing drink, jam, chutney, sauce and is also served with meat and seafood. In some cultures, they are stewed and eaten as a vegetable. (Via

June Plums are what we will call the Throw back fruit. We hope to plant more trees and repopulate the Islands.The season has just started, we hope to meet the need of all in search of this fruit and hope to see you soon at The Chiccharney Farms Store!

Thanks for reading we hope this helps! :)

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