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One 1/2 of the Story, The rest we'll share on our walking tour!

About our experience!

Chasing Butterflies: A farm to table dining experience

For many years, our goal has been to craft outdoor dining experiences.Our CEO, Chavara Roker-Eneas, grew up on the island of Andros. It was there, on a 40-acre farm she began cooking outdoors on three pieces of rock with her grandmother. She loved it so much that she when she moved her family to their new home and farm. She engaged them all in "cooking outside", friends and other family soon joined them too!

  One day while she was walking through the farm picking flowers, Chavara got distracted by butterflies, and started to chase them. How perfect? With this occurrence fresh in her mind, she named the farm to table dining: Chasing Butterflies



We hold our guests in high esteem, hence our dining experiences are crafted based on personal preferences—right down to the menus. The menu is carefully crafted to keep the uniqueness and quality of what we offer.

Everything we offer will be based on seasonality and its availability locally from farm and sea.

We can't wait to book your perfect dining experience with us!


The Experience 

You will experience the same things our CEO did as a child growing up, everything from outdoor cooking and grilling to bon fires to keep you warm.

See you at Chasing Butterflies Soon!

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