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Five (5) Amazing Bush Tea blends you will love. "Wildly foraged in the Bahamas".

Who would of thought that real, life changing teas can be found in your own backyard or nestled in the pine forests across the Islands of the Bahamas. Surely Mother Nature had strategically planted them with careful hands so that the native people would not only be able to identify but also harvest them for generations to come.

Most popular from our list are:

1. 21 Gun Salute

Popular among males and used mostly as an Aphrodisiac for men and women with low libido , Back Pains, Increased opportunity to become fertile and strengthening the body. Bushes used in this blend are : Cat's Tongue, Gum Emeli (Gumbo Limbo), Hard Bark, Five Fingers, Love Vine, Madeira Bark, Strong Bark and Sweet Magaret

2. Love Wine

As clingy as it name sounds it's often used to relieve back pain; traditionally Bahamians tied it around their waist after performing labour intensive tasks to aid in pain relief i.e farming, fishing etc. When crushed and boiled love wine is used to wash and treat hair which can further promote its growth naturally.

3. Soursop Tree Leaves

Soursop has made an amazing comeback for itself, it is very popular among those being treated for cancer and other major illnesses. Soursop leaves have been traditionally used in Lowering High Blood pressure.

4.Fever Grass or Lemon Grass

Fever grass is most commonly used for its namesake and aids in Fever relief. Fever grass can also be used to relieve gas pains and is safe to give to babies, toddlers and kids as a natural sleep aid.


Cerasee is a household name in The Bahamas when it comes to teas. Known for its medicinal benefits it is very popular during cold and flu seasons. Cerasee can also be used diuretic and aids in the promotion of weight loss .

Sweetened or Unsweetened , Summer or Winter all of the local teas mentioned here an leave your taste bud wanting more!

Finally, You can order teas featured in this blog at:

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