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Fresh • Organic • Local • Seasonal • Bahamian

Chiccharney Farms is the best place to shop for local organic fruit and vegetables hand-picked daily.

Buy your organic fruit and vegetables online and you can now opt for same-day home delivery in The Bahamas. We have a full range of 100% organic produce, handmade breads, soups, sauces, jams and so much more.





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Support Local Farms & Artisans • Nourish Your Family  • 100% Organic Handpicked

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Citrus Fruits

Investing in the effort to upgrade our land improves quality of life and community well-being for years to come!


Who are we?

  • Chiccharney Farm grows food to build a strong community. We are a grassroots urban farm that applies a multi-pronged strategy to address health, wealth, and quality of life issues in the Bahamian communities.

Why do we care about it?

  • We believe the creation of a local food system, built on principles of sustainability and biodiversity, can be both financially sustainable for farmers and affordable for consumers.

  • A healthy community comprises more than just access to healthy food. Key factors include healthy public spaces, access to culturally-relevant foods, quality education, and employment.

  • We will create a 'wholeness hub' that expands programming and services through strategic partnerships that benefit underserved farmers and communities.

What are we raising funds to do?

  • Complete build-out farming infrastructure that includes an incubator kitchen   and operate and provide healthy, ready-made value-added food options using farm produce

  • Build out a pavilion area at the site to rent for nonprofit fundraisers, community dinners, weddings, paid experience tours, and other private events to bring in earned revenue and introduce more people to Bahamian Food + Culture

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Vegetables in Paper Bags
Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market
Fresh Green Beans
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